Sunday, January 2, 2011

En route...

I'm watching the sunset in Cleveland, Ohio. In the last thirty minutes the clouds have changed from tender white, to shock-you pink, and now to a muted slate blue. I'm thinking about the sun and the fact that I'll watch the same one rise and set so many miles away. It's comforting to think of how familiar the sky can be, and water too. I can't wait to walk into the other side of the Atlantic, wet my heels in my favorite element, and feel at home on Earth.

"How long are your flights?" everyone asked me. I kept saying I didn't know, cause I don't really care! I'll just get on each plane, settle in, will away my motion sickness, breathe, then land. (In case you are interested in details, I left Hudson this morning at 10:45, MSP at 2pm, and I will leave Cleveland at 8pm. Then I take about a 90 minute flight to Washington D.C., and at ~10:15 pm tonight I board a United Airlines plane for Accra, Ghana. I'll arrive in Ghana at 1:50pm on Monday, January 3rd, which makes my last flight just over 10 hours long.)

I'm just trying to stay present in each moment, so...

I'm in the middle of my departure date. I've been waiting for this day for a few short months, but here's to the ellipses at the beginning of a month-long sentence.

(Thanks for the free Wi-Fi Cleveland!)


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